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1400mm Glue Spreader
Max Spreading Width1400mm
Rubber Roller Diameter410mm, nitrile rubber roller with grooves
Steel Roller Diameter275mm, with stainless steel plate
Number Of Roller4pcs
Motor Power5.5kw, 380V-50Hz 3phase
Overall Dimension2200x1500x1600mm
1. 410mm nitrile rubber roller, spreading speed fast; Surface have grooves, spreading average and save glue.
2. 275mm steel roller, with stainless steel plate, Rust and corrosion resistant.
3. Frequency conversion, speed can be adjusted.
In the refrigeration system of the freeze-dryer, the evaporator is the equipment for conveying the cooling amount, in which the refrigerant absorbs the heat of the compressed air to achieve the purpose of dehydration and drying. Compressor is the heart, plays the role of inhalation, compression, transport refrigerant steam. The condenser is a device that gives off heat, which is absorbed by the evaporator and transferred to the cooling medium (such as water or air) along with the heat converted from the input power of the compressor. The expansion valve/throttle valve has the function of throttling and depressurizing the refrigerant, simultaneously controls and regulates the amount of refrigerant liquid flowing into the evaporator, and divides the system into two parts: the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side.4 Feet Glue Spreader manufacturers

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