Single Crank High Speed Stamping Press quotation


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Our History
Yangzhou Forming Machine Co., Ltd (Formakine) was founded in 2017 and we are mainly specialized in the trading and manufacturing of power press machine like JH21 open back power press; JL21 adjustable stroke press; straight side press; motor lamination high speed press machine; aluminum high speed fin press production line for heat exchanger & radiators; servo press. Meanwhile, Formakine has been the international business representative of some other machine manufacturers in China.
Our Factory
Yangzhou Forming Machine Co., Ltd(Formakine) is located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We provide complete metal stamping automation solution to clients around the world. The power press tonnage is from 60T-2500T and covers the industry of auto parts, household appliances, hardwares and electronics.
Our Product
Metal Stamping Press; CNC Machining Center; Hydraulic Press; Servo Press; Press Brake; Shearing Machine; Forging Press & Hammer; Laser Cutting Machine.
Formakine provides qualified metal sheet forming machine all over the world and already having agent in some main markets. Then, we can guarantee the service to clients in time.
Product Application
Auto Parts; Home Appliances; Hardwares; Electronics; Mold

Our Certificate
We are aiming to provide the qualified products to our clients and already having established quality system meeting the requirements of different certifications, such as CE, ISO 9001 etc.,
Production Equipment
Formakine has the top processing and testing equipments, as well as, the biggest constant-temperature workshop in the pressing-making field. We have professional experience, rich technology accumulation and perfect modern manufacturing system & quality control system, we are aiming to supply our best products for all our customers.
Production Market
Main markets are Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, U.S.A. Already established cooperation with agents in some crucial markets, such as India, Turkey, South Africa.
Middle East 20%
Asia 20%
South America 20%
Europe 20%
Africa 15%
U.S.A 5%
Our Service
Professional process analysis and accurate product suggestion; customized manufacturing and timely delivery; Installing/debugging/training freely, 1-2 years guarantee.
Single Crank High Speed Stamping Press quotation

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