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PP white Masterbatch for boarding box is a kind of Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch and it is polypropylene as the carrier, superfine calcium carbonate plastic modifier is suitable for PP, polypropylene hollow sheet, all kinds of injection molding, plastic products.
The masterbatch meet the requirements of improving the physical and technological properties of raw materials as well as reducing the cost. The maximum amount of our filler masterbatch for hollow board can reach 70%, and the loss of mechanical properties is very small. This product uses the new formula, the new craft, the new technology has solved disperses evenly, does not paste the die head, does not block the hole, the ring net time is long and so on the characteristic.
About the raw material of calcium carbonate
1.From the cost consideration, as long as it does not affect the quality, as far as possible to choose cost-effective, not necessarily choose the finest powder of calcium carbonate
2. From the perspective of filler masterbacth performance, on the premise of appropriately increasing the cost, you can choose more fine-grained raw materials, so that the quality may be better.
3.From the processing fluidity, under the premise of controlling the maximum particle size, larger average particle size is better
4. The partical size and distribution of the heavy calcium carbonate and nano-calcium carbonate sold as commodities are quite different from the real dispersed phase in the plastic matrix. If the agglomeration problem is not solved well, the advantage of small granularity is not shown.White Masterbatch suppliers

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